(11) Delayed Gratification – Influences of Culture and Religion

//(11) Delayed Gratification – Influences of Culture and Religion

The ability to delay short-term rewards in favor of future achievements, can be beneficial in many situations. Therefore it is important to find out whether this ability is a congenital or learned characteristic. Although the influence of genes can not be denied (e.g. Anokhin et al. 2011) particularly cross-cultural studies (e.g. East vs. West) provide evidence for the importance of the environment.
For Example:
Can the mere thought of American culture make you more impatient (Chen et al. 2011)?
And: Are Catholics less patient than Calvinists (Paglieri et al. 2013)?

Walter Mischel – Marshmallow Experiment – Delay of Gratification – Delay Time at age of four – correlation – social competence, academic competence, frustration tolerance – Koreans vs. Americans – Delay Discounting – Cultural Differences – Patience – Singapore – Priming – Pictures of American Culture – Religion – Heaven can wait – Paglieri – Catholics – Calvinists – Atheists – Italian – Dutch
Author: Eskil Burck