(10) The Marshmallow Test: Is it really about self-control??

//(10) The Marshmallow Test: Is it really about self-control??

For a long time the famous “marshmallow studies” by Walter Mischel were regarded as prototypical experiments to measure self-control. However, in some studies only low correlations to other measures of self-control were observed. Thus, in recent years alternative hypotheses were tested.
For example: If the delay of gratification task is regarded as a problem solving situation, longer waiting times could be explained by problem solving skills (intelligence).
Other scientists hypothesize, that the decision to wait might be linked to the amount of trust in the experimenter (Kidd et al. 2013).
But are these new research approaches adequate to explain the amazing predictive power of the marshmallow experiment?

Marshmallow Test – Marshmallow Experiment – Delay of Gratification – self-control – intelligence – social skills – grade point average – frustration tolerance – predictive validity – Duckworth – Kirby -replication – social trust

Author: Eskil Burck