(8) Self-Control Outdoes Intelligence?

//(8) Self-Control Outdoes Intelligence?

A few years ago, many researchers were in agreement: By far the most important requirement for education and vocational success is a high mental capacity (intelligence). However, even the best intelligence tests can not explain all variance in life success. Every once in a while a highly intelligent student gets dropped out of the education system without finishing (underachiever), whereas another student who scored below average in an intelligence test, ends up with a fantastic academic career (overachiever). Recent studies (e.g. Duckworth and Seligman, 2005; Moffitt et al. 2011) suggest that such “irregularities” mainly come about due to the factor of self-control (also: self-discipline,
perseverance). Amazingly, in some studies self-discipline proved to be a better predictor than intelligence…

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